Google’s new interpreter mode can translate your conversation in 27 languages

In the past one year, Google is making a lot of different advancements in their virtual assistant, called Google assistant. As creepy as it may sound, it is just like your assistant but an electronic device. It does things like calling a restaurant to make a reservation on your behalf or even reply to your emails, just like a normal human being.

Google just debuted an interpreter mode this week in CES (Consumers Electronics show) in Vegas, which has made quite a stir in the hospitality industry.

It turns the virtual assistant into a real-time language translator between two people who are trying to chat in the same physical space and it can easily translate upto 27 languages.

The popular languages include Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Dannish, Finnish, hindi, English, French, Spanish, German, Greek, Swedish, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Thai etc.

To activate the mode, the user just has to say, “Google be my French translator”.

After that, the assistant will translate any language, for instance, English to French and vice versa, speaking the translations as well as displaying them in writing when a screen is available.

We see this technology expanding to more places. It could help you check in at a foreign hotel or help you understand the bus schedule.

Several media groups have tested a demo and here’s how it went:

However, this technology seemed far from flawless, but in future when improved can totally break the language barrier in business, work, hospitality industry.

How it can transform the education sector?

Other than that, this app can also help the education sector in a huge way. It is a cost-effective tool for students who go abroad for studies.

Also, students who study online can translate study materials in their comfortable languages in real time. Most of the classes are available online in English, which indeed becomes a hassle for students to understand.

Rightly said, the world has become a global village!