4 Strategies to Score Good Marks in Class 12

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In every student’s life, examination plays a very important role as it helps us to know our status in studies. It helps the students to prepare themselves for the future and strengthen their insights. Exams teach the students many good things such as punctuality, time management, the power of toleration and perseverance.

Both class 10th and 12th Board exam have great significance in student’s education. In every student’s educational journey Class 12 is considered as the turning point. The goal of your career depends on the result of your Class 12. Scoring good marks in Class 12 decides what profession you are going to choose and how early you want to be successful.

For Class 12 students in order to be confident they should practice sample papers of subjects which needs lots of practice like Maths for which the students can refer CBSE sample paper Class 12 Maths.

Following are the 5 strategies to score good marks in Class 12 board exam:

  1. Stick to your syllabus

No matter what happens the students should stick to their respective syllabus of different subjects. All the questions asked in Class 12 board exams are based on the syllabus. So, if the students have prepared themselves according to the syllabus, then they will outshine the exam with flying colors.

  1. Evaluate yourself

By solving the CBSE sample papers students can evaluate themselves where they stand in terms of preparation. For eg: Physics students can evaluate themselves by solving the CBSE sample paper Class 12 Physics and can work on their weak points

  1. Manage your time

For Class 12 board students time management is an important factor and it can make a huge difference. Divide your time according to the subject syllabus and monitor how much time you are taking for each topic. Invest more time on important topics of each subject

  1. Work on your weak points

Students should invest more time on their weak points so that they don’t do any mistakes in their final exam. Students should go through there class test or pre-boards answer sheets so that they can work on their weak points. Do hard work to improve your mistakes.

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